Getting it all Together (and Clinique review)

I’m gonna tell you all right now: this is somewhat of a random post. Things are getting slightly hectic around here — I leave for Italy TOMORROW! Though I still have a day, my mom and I are actually headed down to the ‘burbs to spend the night with my cousins so we’ll be near the airport tomorrow (should any car problems or llama-crossings impede our travel). Basically that translates into a crazy-packed morning: eat, blog, run, say goodbye(s), finish packing, run around the house in a panic making sure I didn’t forget anything…you know how it goes.

Last night was a pretty epic Packer win. I mean, did you see that? Wow, the past 2 games have been filled with excitement to-the-end. Missed last week’s playoff-clinching play? Catch up with it here. Though I’ll be halfway around the world during this Saturday’s game, you better believe I’ll be cheering wherever I am have internet access (so I can follow the play-by-play, duh!).

In the flurry that is today, I indulged in a big slice of peanut butter chocolate chip coffee cake, made by my mama while I was still asleep. The timing was perfect: by the time I got up, it was just coming out of the oven.

Enjoyed with a crisp, cool glass of milk. (IĀ need to incorporate more of this in my diet — other than drinking the milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl, I like to get my calcium in through the form of yogurt and (some) cheese…)

Surely not something I need to have every day, but I had no problem enjoying this little treat for breakfast today: everything in moderation! More so than that, it’s my last breakfast at home šŸ™‚ (Do you play the “last” game before big events? This is the “last” time I’ll sleep in my bed for 4 months; this is the “last” time I’ll run on our treadmill until…who knows!)

I’m off to go pack and, you know, get my whole life together. I’m a nervous (but excited) wreck! Quickly, though, I wanted to share with you all the new foundation I got from Clinique. I wanted some coverage to reduce the redness on my skin and give me a “dewy” glow. The beautician at Boston Store recommended Clinique supermoisture makeup. It’s a lightweight liquid foundation that’s allergy-tested, 100% fragrance free, and gives you sheer-to-moderate coverage and a dewy finish. Not only that, but it also hydrates your skin — to keep it looking soft and radiant all day long!

I got the fair because, well, we all know I have very pale fair skin. But make sure to match your foundation with your own skin (and not what you hope your skin color is or will be after you tan a few times…). Love your skin color — embrace it! I’m definitely the palest of my friends, but I know they love me as I am, and they often tell me they wish they could have my super-fair skin. It’s just become a part of who I am, ya know? I’ve learned to accept the fact that, even after I spend a week on the beach, I will not return home tan. (Yes, I once returned from a spring break vacation in Jamaica and had people ask me, “Did you really go to Jamaica? Why aren’t you tan?” The only dead-giveaway was the fact that my hair was completely in cornrows.)

I decided to give the foundation a trial-run the other day. I do not like the look of a lot of makeup on me, so I actually put on a little bit more than I would have liked. But that’s why you practice, right?



Voila! I’m no makeup connoisseur (I’ll leave that up to my other friends), but I thought I did a decent job. I like to go for that “natural” look, so I probably won’t wear this every day. I guess we’ll see!

Have a super day and wish me luck…I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to post for a couple of days (though I’ll certainly try). I feel like it’s going to be a pretty hectic week as I arrive in my new home. Yikes!


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ciao to chow: initially created as a little spot on the web devoted to the "chow" I find while studying abroad in Rome. But really, ciao to chow is about my life: the day-to-day experiences, funny stories, moments of laughter, and the food...that continue to inspire me and make me grateful for each new day.
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9 Responses to Getting it all Together (and Clinique review)

  1. Can’t wait for your first post from Italy: 2011. šŸ™‚ Have fun!

    You look stunning! šŸ™‚

  2. Linda says:

    wow your skin is beautiful!!!
    I’m italian =) where are you go in Italy?

  3. I definitely play the ‘last’ game too. šŸ™‚ Have an awesome time in Italy!!!

  4. wow you look great šŸ˜€

  5. You’re so pretty! Also, WHERE did you get the recipe for that coffee cake. I covet.

    And I tagged you! You’re obvs very busy so don’t worry too much about it, buuuut just spreading the love šŸ™‚

    • ciaotochow says:

      Aww, thanks! My mom actually got the recipe from…? Gee, I’ll have to ask her šŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the tag, as well. And I promise I’ll get you that recipe as soon as I can!

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