My Dirty Little Secret

I promise to keep this post short & sweet.

After all, there’s not a single picture of food included…just lots of pictures of some good ‘ol fun!

Last week included a trek up to the top of the cupola at St. Peter’s:

I have a confession to make. Since tourism has been picking up more and more with each new week of religious holidays and higher temps, the line to get through security in St. Peter’s Square was literally out of the country. No, really! (Did you know the Vatican is its own country?) Lines were winding out and about the square…craziness, mass chaos, call it what ya will…

Before I disclose to you my dirty little secret, I was by myself and — hmm — not really feeling the waiting 2+ hours in line thing. About 3/10 through the line I spotted a huge French tour group. Opportunity! 🙂

As the tour guide was haussin’ her French to the group, I sneaked right in front of them. They didn’t even blink an eye.

Now, I’m not proud of this dirty little secret of mine. I pride myself on being honest, and if everyone did what I did and budged in line, well, I’d be in Italy (joke, of course…but I’ve said this before: Italians do not believe in lines, more like animalistic mobs).

I made it through security without a pat-down (success!) and my legs and I were on our way to climb 537 steps, the Vatican’s own stair-stepper of sorts.

The journey included an unusual view from inside the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, slanted ceilings and stairs so teeny and narrow there was a rope, and about-to-faint tourists, but I finally reached the top. Whew!

When I reached ground level again, I stopped to tie my moccasin (why does everyone find that so funny?) and my legs were trembling! Proof that I got in a semi-decent workout, don’t you think? 🙂

The Vatican was in frenzied preparation for the beatification of Pope John Paul II…

Hello, JP II!

I was thanking the Big Guy (God, not the Pope!) he waited to let the skies open up until after I had seen some pretty stunning views from the top!

The rest of the week was filled with…

  • My last visit to the children I’ve tutored all semester:

Can we just take a moment to talk about how absolutely adorable they are?

  • Our school’s end-of-year banquet, started off with some prosecco to celebrate!

(Yes, that is our school caf’s fruit-cup I’m drinking out of…Room 332 keeps it classy like that)

I had never opened a bottle of prosecco before, and, well…the cork is somewhere out there.

The evening was so much fun — a nice dinner at a restaurant downtown, complete with a dance floor and stage, but first…pictures in the courtyard!

Now, on to the dance!

(Can you see why Jana won “best smile” for our end-of-year superlatives? Gorgeous!)

Before the night was over, I had danced my booty off, sang at the top of my lungs to fantastic American rap songs (don’t tell my voice teacher; with a performance 3 days later, she’d kill me!), and received an academic award?

Nerdiness at its finest.

And I Ask You: Be honest with me…have you ever budged in line? Do you do it often? Never? Are you in the Italian state-of-mind and don’t even believe in lines?


About ciaotochow

ciao to chow: initially created as a little spot on the web devoted to the "chow" I find while studying abroad in Rome. But really, ciao to chow is about my life: the day-to-day experiences, funny stories, moments of laughter, and the food...that continue to inspire me and make me grateful for each new day.
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9 Responses to My Dirty Little Secret

  1. Kenz says:

    can’t believe its almost over….i miss you already!!! what will I do with no ciaotochow blogs?!?!

  2. Natalie says:

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve your dress Anna, this looks like so much fun! And congratulations on the academic award 🙂 I def support the nerdiness. See you soon!! 🙂


  3. Allison says:

    OMG. the little children you tutor are the fricken cutest things!

  4. Julie says:

    Hey girl hey,

    Like OHMG GOOD TIMES!! Conor budges in line using his big ol’ boootay!

    Ciao Bella-Burg, Julie and Conor

  5. 5 things:
    1) Beautiful post!
    2) Amazing pictures
    3) You are adorable and I want your dress
    4) I’ll keep your ‘dirty little secret’. In fact, I would’ve done the same.
    5) If we knew each other we WOULD be friends. I’m convinced.

  6. MareMare says:

    Love the view/pics from the cupola, dress is delightful, award is super, and budging in line is baaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddd!!! Love you lots, cannot wait to hug you!! xxxooo

  7. jana bersted says:

    awww i love you anna. i’m going to miss you so much!

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