Family = Craziness, Family = Love

There are few things I like more in life than weddings. I have been to a ton of weddings about 3 weddings in my entire life, but those 3 were pretty darn good — and this one was no exception!

There’s nothing like a fun, family wedding (and getting the news that I finally got my dream summer internship!) to cure any traces of jet-lag. Plus, I’ve gotta admit that — while I had the time of my life in Italy — there is absolutely no comparison to the sweet taste of American freedom. I am in love with this country 🙂

After kissing my kitchen floor sleeping in my own bed (ahh!) and attacking my brother with a ginormous hug (he had to oblige; I had to make up for 4 months!), my family and I headed to Oconomowoc. Isn’t that the coolest city name ever? Besides Sheboygan of cousre 😉 Bee t dubs, Andrew and I counted that there are in fact 5 o’s in Oconomowoc. Yes, we are 22 and 20 respectively and get excited that we can count.

Sibling love.

This dress may look familiar — I wore it to my campus’s end-of-year banquet in Roma last week. Oh well: I am never ashamed to wear an outfit more than once in a short time span…especially when I’m in a whole different country.

Friday night was full of a lotta family & a lotta food. Since these are 2 of the things I love most in life, I was one happy, American-lovin’ girl!

Before I get to the chow, here’s a little photo recap of the weekend:

First off, I got to meet my cousin Erica, at last! She lives in Cali (tough life, right?), so I don’t get to see her family very often.

She’s gonna grow up to be even more stunning, agree? And I WANT HER HAIR. (Okay, I’ve settled down.)

And the rest of these weirdos? Well, I’ve known ’em my whole life.

Marcia, my godmother & roomie for the summer, is on the left; Layne is on the right.

Mom & Dad.

My cousin Lizzy had the most adorable bubble-gum pink dress ever. She’s gonna be the hottest prettiest girl at that 8th grade dance, that’s for sure 🙂

Alright, enough talking — the rest of the photos are uninterrupted, I promise!

Love them to death.

(Note: my  cousin Nolan was not drinking my sister’s beer. This was for silly photo purposes only!)

We clean up real nice, but we believe our true personalities come out better in the goofy photos:

My family got fantastic creeping viewing seats. I mean, the 2 tables directly in front of the wedding party? Yes, please.

While everyone was getting settled in their seats, I took the opportunity to explore my surroundings. Not bad, eh?

The beautiful couple (my cousin John and his new wife, Kelly) chose to forgo a traditional wedding cake in favor of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes decorated with their initials…and of course, chocolate strawberries.

(Side note: Does the word “forgo” make anyone else think immediately of Chris Harrison and the Bachelor fantasy suites? “If you choose to forgo your separate rooms, please take this key and spend the night together in the fantasy suite.” Wonder what went on behind those closed doors…)

Before our entrees, we were treated to a side salad with thick slices of fresh cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and a tangy peppercorn ranch dressing. Playing wing-man was a still warm multi-grain roll.

After lots of intelligent conversation foolish chatter with my cousins, the entrees were brought out. A couple of months ago, my mom asked me my meal preference. I could choose between a.) a grilled chicken and steak combo platter, b.) a stuffed porkchop, and c.) mushroom ravioli. At the time, I was diggin’ pasta and thought that to be the best choice. Fast-forward 2 months and, while I’m not exactly sick of pasta, it’s become rather repetitive. Good thing this ravioli was unlike anything I’d had in Italy!

Throughout my travels, I’d had gnocchi, fettuccine, spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, penne, linguine, farfalle, shell, and lasagna but no ravioli. A girl’s gotta stop somewhere, right?!

This dish was divine — tender ravioli was filled with mushrooms and drizzled with a creamy orange sauce and a bed of fresh asparagus.

After the meal, dancing ensued. And lots of it! Y’all should see my Dad’s and Uncle Dan’s dance moves. Seriously, people. And my Uncle Steve has a mean “leg guitar.” Yeah, kinda had to be there I guess?

In between doing the shopping cart and the leg guitar, we made sure to visit the photo booth — a lot. The deejay kept telling people to visit the photo booth and take goofy photos, and because no one else did, we did it for them. I mean, the prop box had a fish hat. A fish hat, people!

Kelly looked beautiful — I loved her dress! She is the sweetest girl, and I’m so happy she’s joining our crazy family. I feel confident she can totally handle us…or at least join in on the craziness 🙂

And how cute does my cousin Erin look with her baby bump?

That baby is going to be showered with Meseck love, that’s for sure.

Thanks for an awesome wedding, Kelly & John! As my dad so wisely put it at one of his best-man speeches way back when: May all your pains be champagnes. 

And I Ask You: Chocolate or Vanilla cupcakes? Go.

While I love chocolate in things, I detest chocolate (cup)cakes and chocolate ice cream. Hence, I’m totes going for the vanilla.


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ciao to chow: initially created as a little spot on the web devoted to the "chow" I find while studying abroad in Rome. But really, ciao to chow is about my life: the day-to-day experiences, funny stories, moments of laughter, and the food...that continue to inspire me and make me grateful for each new day.
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5 Responses to Family = Craziness, Family = Love

  1. CHOCOLATE!!! 🙂

    You are all so beautiful!! 🙂

  2. Kenz says:

    looks like you had an awesome time!!! love the photobooth photos!!

  3. wonderful pictures! your posts always seem to show how much fun you’re having no matter what you’re doing, and I love that.
    Cupcakes. Can I have both? Or perhaps a chocolate, vanilla swirl?

  4. MareMare says:

    The wedding was indeed a BLAST, especially w/you back home!!! Thanks for the great post/pics!! xxxooo
    P.S. NOBODY dances like Uncle Steve — that leg guitar move makes me roar!

  5. LinnE says:

    Loved this and LOVE that picture of you and Layner. You guys look hot!

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